Friday, July 31, 2009

Can You Feel it in the Air?

I really do like summer...but I admit... the prettiest time of the year is Fall, in my mind anyway. It's not to cold and not to hot. But... it makes me feel sad that winter will almost be here as well. And then....
Now I like a good game... and I love my Cowboys, but... what's up with Pre-Season, Pre-Game, Sunday night, Monday night... blah blah blah blah blah!!!
WHY oh Why do we need football EVERY single day???? Ok, maybe it's not EVERY day but dang.. with all the games on all those channels... it seems like it. And how nice is it that they offer that "season pass" on these cable and satellite channels? Come on!!!! It's either... we all watch football with dad... ALL weekend... or.... dad hibernates to the basement TV and we don't see him at all! Oy!!
You know what the kids and I DO like though... Carpet Picnics!!! Yep... first game of the season we lay out a blanket on the floor in the family room and boy oh boy... dad buys tons of appetizers on the blanket and we enjoy the game and pig out. THEN... we do it for the Super Bowl as well. LOL It's a free night for me of no cooking... can't be all that bad, huh? LOL
My card was made with Gina K's, "My Tailgate or Yours". I've had it for a while, and was waiting for a chance to use it. I did this for Brenda's Pot Luck Friday's Challenge. She decided we should do a card that was just about that... food... potlucks! LOL
I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the background and went over it a bit with my sponge using my Rich Cocoa, Momento Ink. I stamped my image and colored with Copics then roughed up the edges a bit and sponged on some Potters Clay, Momento Ink around the edges.
There is NO doubt in my mind this will be one my hubby's favorite cards I've EVER made. LOL Have a good day. *smile*


Jennie said...

This is a winner for sure! Yes, football is huge in my house too. Though this year my hubby is sad Farve isn't playing...he is a big Green Bay fan and has missed seeing Farve play. This is sure to please your dh!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina - sorry, I have been so busy with everything and have missed your blog and cards. I love this football card. We adopted a basset hound 2 weeks ago from a rescue league. He was in a foster home in West Des Moines. Anyway, I had no idea he would take so much of my time with my other big guy.

Anyway, this card is so cute - maybe cute is not the right word. I would have to put a Hawk sticker on this if I made it for my husband. But, he is a Packer fan too.

Have a great time visiting with the Gina K group and all!

Chat later,,,,

Chris R. from Iowa


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