Monday, July 20, 2009

They're Gone... but still HERE!

I love flowers... all of them... and even those that only appear for a short while in Spring!

Tulips are just those kind. Can't ever seem to get enough of these because they "come and go so quickly around here"... (hee hee... I'm a HUGE Wizard of of Oz fan!). Every year we run over to Pella, Iowa for the yearly Tulip Festival. Pella has more tulips all over the city than I've ever seen in one place!! I LOVE IT!! Ok... I like the Dutch letters I can get there too, but... I don't stamp those! LOL

I made this card for the Color Challenge over on StampTV which was to use red, white and black on a card. Quite some time ago I had asked Melanie Muenchinger to do a tulip for me and to make it a white tulip with red bleeding up from the bottom. She did this and WOW was it ever beautiful. Well... I didn't feel comfortable enough with my Copic markers at that time to try it myself but now... I think I have a bit of experience and so I did three different red tulips here! NOT that I think I am anywhere NEAR as good as some of these other girls who have used them so much longer than myself... Melanie included... but, as always... I keep on trying new things and hoping to grow in my experience.

Of course the stamp set is Melanie's, "A Year of Flowers". Like tulips, I can't get enough of those flowers either! It's just a really good, all purpose card, type stamp set. Truly, what occasion can you NOT use flowers on???

I'm sure you'll see more tulips from me as I keep getting new ideas and truly, they are NOT my favorite flower... but... I do love the clean look of them. Now... who's gonna draw that perfect carnation for me???? THAT is MY favorite flower. They last forever it seems and I use to love changing the colors of them (when I was a kid) with dye and such. I never see enough carnations! Maybe one of my wonderful illustrators will see this and throw a carnation in one of their sets???? Stranger things have happened! LOL

Have a good day and if you got a minute... tell me what YOUR favorite flower is and why. I love to know silly things about people. Hee Hee



Betty Benton said...

Tina, one of my favorite flowers is the iris. Purple is my favorite. When I was a kid I would do the "colored water" thing, too. with the white ones! I also loved taking irises to my teachers!

Donna Baker said...

what a pretty card! I love the various shades of red on the tulips. My favorite is a rose, like the double delight, any of the ones with the darker tips. I had Peach roses from Tyler, TX for my wedding (they are well known for their gorgeous roses!) one of the first places John took me to was the Tyler Rose Garden


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