Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Wild Happy Camper

Today I made my first card using Theresa Momber's new Happy Camper stamp set!! I believe this lady has a real gift for illustrating the great outdoors... her first set, Out West, was just as awesome as this new one. The good Lord certainly has blessed her with some wonderful talent!! Yayyyy Theresa!!! You can grab both sets at Gina K Designs! I thought this cute little raccoon would just love a home of his own right near the river where he can get his favorite catch!! Hee Hee I didn't mask anything but simply cut a slit along the tent and tucked him in just as far as I thought looked good and glued the fish to his paw. He is TRULY a happy camper now! I also added a few "rocks" near the stream to of course make his choice of a home, the best place for this wild thing. *snicker* Now for the "ohhh noooo" moment. Did ya ever work on something and had it all in mind and when it was all done... you went... "ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo!!!!"? Well.. that's what happened here. Between two kids and hubby talking to me and stopping me and running upstairs to check on dinner.. OH and let's not forget the dogs!... I FORGOT important stuff!! Like.. uhhh where did my sponged sky and ground go???? OMGosh!!! Oh and wait... my water wasn't done!!! Now... tell me... it's old age, isn't it??? HOW did I ever glue down the rocks and not think... "uhhh how about finishing the stream color... or the ground even!?!? *sigh* Well... I'm just glad you love me for all my brain warps I have.. hee hee. Wanna see even more examples of Theresa's fabulous set??? Stop over at StampTV and check out the gallery... you'll be in awww and believe it or not... those girls brains don't probably warp like mine does from time to time... LOL. Have a "wild" and happy day!! Signature


Sandra said...

no it is called being a mom - being pulled in more then 3 directions at once ..... lol, where is the sky and ground? lol

Theresa Momber said...

OMGosh, Tina, this is so rockin' awesome! I love the raccoon tucked into the tent like that. LOL about the being a mom thing. I didn't even notice the loss of the sky and ground until you pointed it out.


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