Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally... an Angel Baby!

I made this card for a cousin who is just one of the most beautiful sweet girls I know. I mean truly... she is soooooooo pretty and always so soft spoken. She had been trying forever to have a baby and they didn't think she ever would. She's been pregnant a few times and lost a few and then one, they found had terrible things wrong and she had to actually have it aborted. It was just such an awful awful bad time for her and her husband. When they took the baby it was big enough to have tiny little foot prints and her husband took the images and had them tattooed on himself. He was soooooo distraught over it all and I never saw a man I felt so badly for as he brought them to me still teary-eyed and said... "Can you take these and make a program for my baby's funeral for me?" *sniff sniff* It was so very very sad. So on July 17th, she and her hubby will go to the hospital to have labor induced and they will have their first "Angel Baby". *BIG smile* I am so happy for them. I know first-hand how hard it was to get pregnant... my oldest, Steven, took me 3 years of infertility treatments, trying on our own, crying and a little of my heart dying every time I didn't get pregnant. But God has a way and I knew once I finally had him... he was MY angel baby and there was a reason God wanted me to wait. He is still my pride and joy and I cannot believe the talented and smart son he finally gave to me. Oh... and to turn your tears to laughter... I remember holding him at home one day when he was still so tiny and when I went to pick him up I said... out loud... "Come see Aunt Tina." LOL I was sooooo use to being a aunt and never a mom. I never thought I would be a real mom. So I know how very very excited and happy they both are. I made this card with Melanie Muenchinger's Wee Tees set. Pretty simple and easy card but I added some wonderful paper (cryogen white and candido iridescent) from the Paper Temptress to put behind the onsie thinking the shimmer of it reminded me of a cloud. Patricia's paper is truly beautiful in real life, this pic does not do it justice at all!! You MUST check them out. Have a great day and hug your babies... no one can love us so unconditionally as our babies. *smile* Signature

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Kym Weber said...

Hi Tina~Hope you don't mind but I nominated you for an award. You can check it out here:

Your cards are totally awesome!


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