Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Coach!

I have to tell you right off, neither of my kids are in soccer!! Neither! And that kinda upsets me 'cause... well... I wanna BE a soccer mom!! LOL AND... secretly... I want them BOTH to get wore out running up and down that field!! HA HA! I think my daughter would LOVE it... though she doesn't seem to be interested in it in the least. I DO think she will probably play softball someday.. she seems to really like when we take out the baseballs and bat. Though I admit... when I see her cute little smile I think "she's all girl and needs to be in dance or ballet or something girly". She does love her tumbling class. Time will tell, I guess. In the meantime, I can HOPE to give a coach a card like this. I used Melanie's Sporty Accessories and some of that AWESOME nautical netting. I couldn't find something I really thought would work for the posts on the net so I just used a double layer of wire I had in my goodies drawer. The stars were punched from the Paper Temptress' Metallic Gold though you can't see the shimmer in the pic. Also... the picture doesn't pick up the fact that the netting is "bubbled" out and the ball is actually resting against it... not the card. Nooo.. I'm not a professional photographer... you can't tell???? LOL
The hat and "coach" were from Melanie's Just So Sporty set. Have a great Monday and I hope your week is equally great! Signature

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"Tillymint" said...

OK so who will be the luck person to get this card then???????


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