Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Zoo Break....

I can't help myself... I LOVE Melanie's Jumping for Joy with her Sporty Accessories set!! Were these guys just not MADE for each other? LOL Ok, maybe I'm just a bit quirky, but you have to admit... it's fun! LOL
Zack is soooooooo good at soccer. I mean, come on... he has FOUR feet!!! AND... girrrlll... forget about the other's catching him... he blends in (ok NOT on my card, but if I didn't dress him in red today he would blend in)!!! Now admit it, wouldn't you just die to have him on your team???
I used Gina K's FREE digital paper from StampTV for the background and her new Navy Pure Luxury Cardstock... love that paper!
Oh and by the way... Zack's favorite cheerleader, Olivia, likes riding WITH him, so make sure you head to Gina K Designs and grab em both (they come together, you know!) before another zoo break happens!! *smile* Signature

1 comment:

Kerrie said...

Tina, this is just too cute for words, your cards are beautiful


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