Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let's Team Up!

I've just been itching to share some of the cards I made using Melanie Muenchinger's newest set, "Sporty Accessories", so even though it's not Thursday, I'm sharing another. I live in south Des Moines and that means we are about 5 minutes from the heart of Downtown and also 5 minutes from the nearest suburb of Indianola, Iowa. Indianola is where every summer they have the International Hot Air Balloon Festival and they also have the Hot Air Balloon Museum. EVERY year since we are so close to the open land between the two cities, we get to see hundreds of hot air balloons - a LOT of them fly right over our house. Thinking back on last summer... we were eating dinner and our dog, Biscuit, was out back going crazy!! Don got up to check and one of the balloons was practically sitting in our backyard it was so close. HA HA Biscuit does NOT like intruders! Hee Hee The roar of the flames is just unbelievable to hear so close. We do enjoy seeing these and can even hop in the car and head to he launch site. I'm always amazed how many of the balloonists will allow others to help spread out the balloons prior to take off and after landing. It just makes for a beautiful summers day. The card I did below using both the Sporty Accessories and Gina K's new Eclectic Summer Stamp TV kit reminded of sitting back in the lawn chair and just reading all the messages and seeing some of the gorgeous colors used on the balloons. You'd just be amazed at all the different things you see on these balloons. I love it. I also used the tuft of grass from Melanie's Hip-Hop Accessories set as well as used a small amount of sponging so the grass looked a tad bit real. LOL I also covered a bit of the bat ends with some grass so it looked like they were dug in a bit and really holding that balloon... hee hee. I'll be back tomorrow with another card using Melanie's awesome new set! Have a great sunny day... summer is just beginning!!! Signature

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Jennie said...

Cute design! Love the way you used the hot air balloon on this one!


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