Monday, June 15, 2009

Have a Bright Summer!!

Today I wanted to share something to BRIGHTEN your day!!
I LOVE the papers that came in my StampTV kit this month and one of my very favorites, because I AM such a colors person, is the rainbow pin striped design! Seems all weekend long all I heard from my daughter was... "Mom... can we get some sherbet!.. Mom.. can we get some Jelly Bellys." Well once she got her sherbet, I remembered Gina K's new "Free with Three" stamp set "Lazy Days of Summer" and the yummy little bowl of ice cream in that set. OF COURSE Emily had to have ALL three flavors of sherbet so I sat down and using my Copic markers, made them as bright as I could.
I decided to border the edges a bit with my metallic bling "drops" and thought it sorta reminded me of those lighted billboards you see with all the little bulbs flashing around to draw your attention.
I used my Sakura Gel Pen to color the bowl and spoon making it a bit shiny and slightly raised. When I finished the card and took it upstairs, Emily shrieked.. "HEY! That looks just like the ice cream I had today!" LOL I was hoping! LOL
My husband is a HUGE ice cream fan as well and a couple years back we decided to start a new family tradition. Once a month, during the summer, we all go out for ice cream... for DINNER!!! That is by far, my kids' favorite dinner all summer long... even better than FFY night (fend for yourself!). LOL A busy mom needs some breaks too, right?
Oh, and.. Emily didn't get her Jelly Belly's, but... summer isn't over yet! Hope your start of summer is turning out bright and cheery.


Brenda said...

Wonderful yummy card!! I love all the fabulous color. We did ice cream for dinner for the first time last summer and it was great, I think we will be doing it again this year. Thank you for sharing your delicious card. Now I need to go get me some ice cream, yum......

Sharri Seffens said...

Tina, This is fabulous! I love the bright color and your coloring is great! I haven't had sherbet in a long time...your card having craving it! lol!

Lynn Mercurio said...

This card is simply YUMMY Tina. Such great colors and your metallic dots are a fantastic addition!


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