Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration Class

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am involved in the Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration Class.  I am REALLY enjoying everything about this class and we are only in our third week!!!  This is a six week online course that women from all around the world are taking and sharing together online.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I am learning about myself... but also about those things that have happened in my life and how they have made me who and what I am today.  Just to give you a general idea about the course, I am sharing an excerpt from The Brave Girls Club Blog which answers exactly what it's all about.

Soul Restoration – Basic FAQs

Soul Restoration - a 6-week online course by the Brave Girls Club

Frequently Asked Questions (the basics)

Q. What is the purpose or the intended outcome of this workshop?
A: If you know anything about Brave Girl Camp, you know that the workshops developed and artfully taught by Melody Ross are truly life changing. Her heart-penetrating curriculum is unlike anything you have seen before, and she presents it in true ‘Melody’ style….fun, enjoyable, meaningful, and extremely relatable. She combines her own stories and life experiences with ‘soul crafting’ (creative art projects, collage, journaling, etc.) to teach women from all over the world how to get unstuck, back on track, and restored to their best self.
Soul Restoration is this curriculum and more…. What we intend to provide in this workshop is an effective and enjoyable process of getting every woman to really really think and hear her own soul again…to help her remember what brings her the most joy, to know of & remember all of the things that she is good at and that make her heart sing…to get back on track and to unleash the courage and motivation to stay on track….to reunite with her soul.
This workshop is a method of helping each woman become reacquainted with her deepest self through remembering and reuniting her with her inner ‘Truth-Teller’. She will be helped to discern truth from lies that hold her back and make her feel less than who she is…to remember her dreams, her potential, her gifts and talents, all the possibilities and unique answers for her life (because it is different for each of us). This curriculum is intended to enable each woman to find and then keep the bravery it needs to stay joyfully true to her own path.
Because it will take bravery to guide her life by the truths that she has found and remembered, and to put aside voices that are confusing, judgmental, and opinionated, this curriculum is intended to continue beyond the 6 weeks that we are together, giving each woman a set of skills and beautiful tools that will carry her throughout her life.

The bag above is something I created today to keep my "Truth Cards" in for storage.  I used Melody Ross' Chip Art tools to make the label and bird.  I love playing with the chip art and keep trying to think of new things to add it to! 

I sprayed my bag with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and added on some bright colored Prima Flowers.  After all, my "Truths" are positive and cheery and what better way to store them?!  I can't wait to see what else Melody has in store for us in the next three months. 

Interested in learning more about the beautiful woman you are and can be???, check out the Brave Girls Club Blog and sign up for the next course starting in April!!  You can't go wrong! 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!  *smile*


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