Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh! Oh! Someone's Gonna be in Trouble!!!

Hee Hee. I so love this cute little playful kitty from Theresa Momber's newest set, "Perrr-fectly Delightful"!! Her set has this wonderful vase of daisies in it as well and I just could not help but put that frisky fella next to it! You can see it now, can't you??? I stamped him and then colored him in with my black Copic marker to resemble the kitty my daughter just got just before Christmas. HE's DEFINITELY a frisky kitty, which is why she named him Feisty!! But he's little and learning SOME things are just off limits!! I paired Theresa's set with Nina Brackett's, "Lovely Shelf". The wonderful "doily" was just over the hill paired with those flowers and the kitty just HAD to check it out! Boy oh boy is momma NOT going to be happy! Stay tuned for more "frisky" fun to come with Theresa's set. *smile* Signature


Miss Boo (a.k.a. jen70) said...

Oh my! Is this ever cute.... and so creative! Love it!

Payne Holler Cards said...

oh now this is super creative!!! never would have thought of this!
love it!!!

NinaB said...

Oh Tina, how clever of you to match these sets together. You made an adorable card. Your title made me smile :-).


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