Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breath Man Breath!

I know.. I'm just so funny, huh? Hee Hee I am sooooooo in love with this sentiment. Years ago my DH bought me a plaque that has this saying on it and it has hung in our bedroom forever. seems every time I see something new with it printed on it... I HAVE to have it! LOL The same is true for stamps. This sentiment happens to be in Theresa Momber's, "Timeless Treasures" set. But... Gina K also has the same sentiment in her "Sweetest Memories" set which is featured as the "Free with Three" set until tonight at 10:00 PM!! So if you want it free, you better hop on over to Gina K Designs before the Preview party ends tonight and the new "Free with Three" set will be revealed. Gina's favorite video last year (wow I can say that now!) on Stamp TV was Inking a Cuttlebug Folder and that is exactly what I did with the background on this card. I loved the look but when I tried it the first time... I'm not sure what I did... but it sure didn't turn out as well as Gina's OR this one to be exact! So, I'm happy this time it turned 0ut good enough to share. I decided this would be a perfect Valentine's card for my DH since it IS one of our favorite sentiments AND he also loves hour glasses. The jute string just adds to a manly card, if you ask me. I'm sure he will love it and I think it will definitely pass for not being so "girly" a holiday with this card in hand. LOL Have a great day and get started on those Valentine cards... it comes faster than you can imagine! *smile* Signature

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