Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memories of Girls' Weekend!

Memory boxes I made as gifts for our All-Girls Weekend we will be having at the lake in a couple weeks! Everyone going is into scrapbooking and I thought one of these wonderful boxes that Gina K demonstrated on StampTV would be a nice gift for the weekend. I used various card stocks all from Gina K's Pure Luxury line and my DP is from various paper packs also offered at Gina's store. Everyone's box was created in their favorite color. Now I want to see the two gals who have red fight over which one each of them get! LOL I haven't finished putting in the "scrap page" cards because I need to print those at home... but I am going to mount them in contrasting colors to match the box. I hope they are liked!! This one is quite simply a box I created to store Valentine cards in as I made them but, I will probably put a small batch of cards in it to give as a gift... possibly for my daughter's teacher who has asked me to create a card of some type the kids can create at Valentine's Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

1 comment:

Betty Benton said...

Beautiful boxes! You guys have a wonderful time on your weekend coming up!!


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