Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have been thinking about Melanie Muenchinger's newest stamp set, "A Charmed Life" for quite some time now. I've had it for awhile as well... but wanted to do something "different" with it than just use it as a wine glass as everyone else is doing. I've seen it with red wine, white wine, champagne, margarita and even some pink drinks in it... but... never had I seen it with a yummy treat inside!! HA! I just KNEW someone would beat me to the punch (no pun intended) doing it this way.. but.. alas.. I was first!! Woohoo! Like that NEVER happens!!! I admit, with all the Crystal Effects, the Liquid Applique and such I used on this.. it took me a couple days to actually finish this card, but I had so much fun putting it together. I also used Melanie's set called "Have a Cookie". It was fun coloring the "Oreo" and then ripping it apart so that it looked like I had an Oreo pudding in the bottom. The little "Nilla wafers" were actually sugar cookies from her set that I cut apart. AND.. lastly, the "banana pudding" was honestly a portion of the cookie dough rolled out from that same set. I had to add a few blings to it... what girl doesn't want her diamonds WITH dessert??? Huh??? *wink* Oh and by the way... everytime my husband walked by and saw this he'd moan and ask... "can you make that tonight?" LOL

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