Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breath..... and Relax.....

I'm really getting into the Stamp TV challenges lately and it's giving me new ideas and sketches to play with. Monday's colors were "pink and a neutral color". Well... I decided vanilla was a good choice since I had satin ribbon to match and couldn't seem to find ANY satin at my local Hobby Lobby!! As I was coloring the candle tray I thought I wanted it to look somewhat "stoneish?" LOL Silly words I make up... hee hee. Then I decided it was ok to just add a layer of grey around the stamped image. What do you think?? I have to tell ya though... as usual... I brought the card upstairs after I had finished and showed it to my husband. As usual... I had to EXPLAIN the card *sigh*!! Men!! He says... "Sympathy card?" Uhhhh... no! So then... my son decides to take a peek at it... "Oh that's pretty mom... is it a wedding card?" Uhhhh... no! Sheesh!!! Didn't anyone see the "Relax" at the bottom??? Husband... "Ohhhh nooooo... let me see it again. (Puts on his glasses... duhh.).... Ohhh yeah... I see it now!" *eye roll* tsk tsk tsk So much for getting opinions, huh??? I used Rupa Shevde's stamp set "Perfectly Polished" which I ordered from Gina K. Designs. Hope you can get a bit of a serene feeling from it... NOT death or marriage!! Two completely opposite opinions!

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