Monday, June 6, 2011

My Middle School Grad….Gift.





Today I wanted to share with you a small gift I made for my son, Steven, on his “graduation” from Middle School.  I wanted to give him something other than just “another card”… something that he might keep with him.  (If you knew my son, you’d know how sentimental he is and he’s HUGE on saving things that mean a lot to him. Here’s hoping this will be one of those.  *smile*)

I looked at Gina K’s newest Stamp TV Kit, “Vintage Chic”, and realized how much I LOVE all the sentiments in it!!  Have you read them??? How encouraging they are!!!  I knew this was the right set for just what I wanted.

Above are all the tags I made on a ring for him to keep them together.  I used lots of different DP’s from Echo Park A Walk In the Park, Echo Park Springtime, Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden and of course, the awesome DP from the Stamp TV kit!  I kept them all pretty basic because well… I didn’t think “girlie” flowers and lace would be much appreciated by him or dad. Ha!


Here is a pic of all of them .



I hope these will inspire him when he needs it and for the record… yep, I snuck ONE flowery one in there… just a touch of mom.  Smile 

Oh and FYI… he had the biggest smile after he read them all and a simple.. “Thanks, mom.” was enough to let me know he REALLY liked them.  But more than that… I am so very very proud of all he has accomplished in Middle School.  He’s starting his 9th year of piano lessons… auditioned for piano guild every year…. aced, I don’t know how many, recitals…. on his 5th year of clarinet and this year learned to play electric guitar.  When we went to the “recognition” ceremony I began crying before the thing even started!!!  As I opened the program I (like all moms) looked for his name in the list of students.  There beside it was a “mark”.  I looked for the key and found Steven was receiving the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence!  Yep…. the tears started and they just got worse as the program began. LOL  My dad was down at my parents’ lake house in Missouri (mom made the trip up for the ceremony) and I called to tell him.  I could hardly get it out of my mouth without choking up.  He has made me one VERY proud mom and I know he will continue to do so.  At the ceremony the Vice Principal whispered to him, “I need to talk to you.”.  So… on his last day of school, (the day after the ceremony was their student amusement park day) he went into her office to see what she wanted.  Her words… “I just wanted to tell you I know I will be reading about you some day.  You are going to make something of yourself and I just wanted to tell you proud I am of you.”.  He was pretty impressed that she took the time to say such things to him and I was grateful for educators like her. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!! *smile*




Misti said...

As a mom that makes me cry just reading it! My son also has done a great job in middle school. He has stepped out of his comfort zone and realized it can be done! He was invited by Duke University to take his ACT as a 7th grader and he made it into their talent pool because his score was so high! We went to his state recognition for that. I also, opened the program and couldn't keep from shedding a few tears. When we got in the car to leave, I TRIED to tell him myself how proud I was of him. My voice shook the entire time. Just soooo proud! I'm so glad that others can say the same of their children too! Tina, it is a testimony to you on your dedication to your children! We need more moms that will invest their time and resources to help make their kids all they can be!!! SUPER BIG {{{HUGS}}} from me today! :-)

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Tina! What a wonderful testament to a great son! When I met him, I was so impressed-such a great kid!
Your project is perfect for this occasion!

Cindy (Stamp With Me Cindy G/Stamping Therapy) said...

I'm in awe. This is an awesome gift and so glad you your son loved it (who wouldnt?). My son is going into 8th grade and I wish all the same things for him. Sounds like you are an awesome mom and have an awesome kid. Congratulations.


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