Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simple Fall

Initially I wasn't truly happy with this card and I'm not sure why other than... well... I didn't quite think I worked well with these colors first off... and secondly... I wasn't sure HOW I would want to use this card. Maybe a "thank you"... or a "just a note" kind of card. Either way... it was for a Color Challenge that Theresa Momber presented on Stamp TV last week. The other examples of cards done with these colors were awesome but for some reason... I had a very hard time working with them. Weird though... when I seem to struggle with items such as this color... I got more "comments" from others on it than I do on some I seem to really love. LOL Not sure what that tells me... other than maybe... just maybe... *wink* some people have better taste than me??? LOL *shrugs* Oh well... no worries... it was fun to at least make an attempt at using the colors. Though I admit, I did like them when others used them. LOL You think I might be "color challenged"?? LOL Seriously... my mom can buy me clothes in colors I NEVER EVER buy myself and I just LOVE them once I wear them. But for some reason... I have a hard time getting those "different" colors. And not so much that they are "different"... but perhaps I just don't think of them when I go use them/buy them??? I don't know but I'm glad someone challenges me to use them or even buys things for me because I'd never go outside my comfort zone if they didn't. How about you... have a difficult time with some colors??? Or even just mixing certain colors together? You MUST try the color challenges.. there are times when I think "WOW! Why didn't I think those colors would work together??!!". Give it a try.. you might find something you'd never dream of liking. Have a great Sunday!! *smile* Signature

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craftieodamae said...

Beautiful card! I love that image


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