Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cages and Flowers

Have you ever tried to go outside you comfort zone?? Well, I did... with this card. Quite often when I stamp, for some reason, I think I have to use the WHOLE stamped image. Also, I will adhere to putting a label for the sentiment.. or simply stamping it on my card somewhere. And... I usually use the same type of a couple different bows. Well... this time, nothing I did on this card was how I "normally" do my cards. I started with Nina Brackett's, "Elegant Post". This image actually fits the whole length of a regular A2 card. Instead... I stamped it and cut the bottom off. I colored it in with my Copic markers and then, actually slanted it before adhering it on the card. My sentiment I simply cut myself. No Nestabilities and no just plopping it down on the card base. I made a "ribbon" cut on the paper and used a few pop dots to raise it up a bit and curled the ends with my finger. Different for me... very different; though I have seen others use this technique. Last, my bow. Now honestly, this was a showing of how I DO NOT make bows like Joanne Basile!! LOL I have long admired Joanne's bows on her gorgeous cards and well.. they LOOKED easy enough to try. But nope... LOL, it didn't happen!! LOL So this is MY uhhhhh "different" kind of bow.. LOL (Whatever that is!) With a button on top! It's ok... and strange all at once. Hee Hee Joanne... I'm waiting for that video!!! My DP is from Basic Grey Porcelain collection... love those cages. I hope you try to go outside of your box now and then. I actually kind of like how this card came out and I'm sure once Joanne offers up that video on HER bow, I'll give it another shot. Have a great day!! *smile* Signature


Sue or 'Tillymint' (one word!!!) said...

Oh yes it's good to try something different every once in a while!!
I received a thankyou from your MIL today Tina - please pass on my thanks - she didn't need to do that - let her know I'm thinking about her and hope she's well.

Patti said...

You go girl....coo-does to you for stepping outside the box!Great card! Love all the elements!

Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

Bows are so hard for me too. I just get frustrated and tend to make them look worse the more I fuss with them! Love your card!


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