Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Poinsettia??? Or Poinsetta???

Soooo, which is it... "ia" or "a"?? I don't know.. and you know what... I'm not going to look it up!!! HA!! I'm just that lazy today! Either way... they really really scared me to try and color them. My poinsettia came from Melanie Muenchinger's, "A Year of Flowers" set. I believe it is the ONLY flower in the set that I hadn't inked up yet. I have seen some pretty amazing ones over on Stamp TV and well... ok... what's the worse that can happen... it looks like something my daughter colored??? Oh well. We learn from our mistakes, right? Honestly, I think the one on the left turned out pretty good. It's the one on the right I was concerned about. I bought one of these last year for my mom and it was the most awesome color. It had SOME red on the edges and the inside was more of a coral. While I think I got the colors, right... my blending didn't go as well as I planned. Could have been I was a bit rushed as well and thus, it just didn't get done the way I wanted. Oh well... I have many many more opportunities to try again, right???? *smile* In any event, the paper I used as my layer was from The Paper Temptress. I LOVE this Ruche paper!!! I think it makes the card look so much more expensive and elegant. It has fibers in it much like cotton (duhhh paper, cotton.. hee hee) and as you can see, I tore the edge a bit. Well let me tell you.. this is TOUGH paper!!! Tearing it is not easy but I LOVE the fibery soft look of it. (Secret: I started the tearing with my teeth!!! LOL) After I got it started... it wasn't that hard to tear but doesn't tear like regular paper. For my sentiment I used the Antique Parchment paper. I wanted a bit of a classic paper but not to much color as I wanted the flowers to be the focal AND it assisted in bringing out the small amount of yellow in the flower. My crystals were clear and I colored them with my red Copic marker... LOVE using those clear and white bling items as my Copics color them all just the color I need for any project. In the end, I was pleased with this card and I'm not so afraid of using the poinsettia now. I'll definitely try it again. Have a great day!! *smile* NOTE: Spellcheck.. it's poinsettIA! LOL Signature


Penni said...

Your poinsettia's (sorry, I just had to look it up - I guess that's the secretary in me LOL!!!)are gorgeous.

I love the simplicity of this card, so elegant.


redwasher1 said...

Tina, this is beautiful!!! Fantastic coloring and layout!

Anonymous said...

Crap, I was sending you a message and I deleted it, I guess. Anyway, the poinsettia or pointsetta is one stunning card Tina! Woudl the aqua painter or whaterver it is called that holds water work for this paper? I use it on mulberry paper and handmade papers and it tears really nice. I love the holly card and that ribbon really sets it off!

Chris R. from Iowa

craftieodamae said...

this is gorgeous!!~


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