Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween!!! My little "ghoul" sure did!!  Steven is old enough now that he feels better staying home and handing out the goods to the neighborhood ghouls.  This year he handed out the small sodas and suckers.  Well.... for the first half hour anyway  :-( .  We had 90 cans of soda and 180 suckers... yep... he ran out after the first 30 minutes.  I had no idea we got that many kids every year.

I admit though... talk travels fast!! Steven said everyone was freaking out that we were giving away sodas AND that the house was scary with the sounds coming from the strand of strobe lights and the thick fog from his new fog machine!! It made it all the more fun for him.  I wish I had taken more pics of the house and his idea to make a chalk drawing of him on the driveway and splatter candy liquid blood all over (caution tape strung around it).  He even found bloody hand prints and drips of blood in the gel window cling. 

As  you see, he even had a fake cemetery which Emily HAD to pose by even though he wasn't finished with it. Ha!  Little sisters. 

Emily, obviously, went as a Army Sweetie.  She always seems to gravitate towards any costume that involves painting her face and then will cry when it's time to wash it off.  She has always had sensitive skin and it's not so much the paint that bothers her but the scrubbing that comes after. *sigh*  She has never been much for the "princess/girlie" costumes so I guess she will suffer through. 

MY favorite stop on the treat trail was "the beer place" (as the other parents told me when we headed that way).  Emily went to a friend's pre-begger's night party and then the parents all met at their house and took the kids around the neighborhood.  Soooo.... we get to one house and on the front deck was two younger fellows handing out the goods.  One guy yells... "OK kids, I got the candy here!"  The other guy yells... "Parents.... Bud Lite in the left cooler.. Miller Lite on the right!"  SCORE!!!!  A treat for mom and dad!! LOL  I asked .... "Are you serious??? Can we walk around with the kids and a BEER in our hands?"  They all started laughing at me and someone said.. "You wait... as the night goes on... you'll see parent after parent with a beer from these guys in their hands!"  WE have such a huge family, we have never really gone any further than our our street... never had time. 

Not only that.... there is a HUGE Halloween display just two blocks from us.  I mean these people LOVE Halloween!!!  They have a corner lot and their yard is huge.  Every single inch, or so it appears, is covered with "statues", caskets, ghostly creatures.  At one end you enter though the cemetery arch where you are greeted by the likes of Jack Sparrow..... the Mummy... Belle and a hoard of other adults dressed to hand candy to the kids.  Then you follow the path up to the house where they have a popcorn machine that every kid gets a bag.  And.... to top it off... there is a video of the old Frankenstein movie playing on the side of their house!!!  The BEST house ever!!!  I noticed a man with a video camera walking behind Emily taping the kids and I realized later it was the local news!!  Emily said he told her... "You didn't even notice I was there, did you?" LOL

Here is Emily in all her make-up up close. 

Hope you had a great day and your kids are on a sugar high!! *smile*


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