Sunday, October 10, 2010

CD Scrapbook & Green Tomatoes!

I'm on a scrapbook roll, can you tell?? Hee Hee  My husband's family has a Green Tomato Fry "gathering" every year and this was the first year we've been able to attend!!  My mother-in-law has been wanting copies of the pics I took at the event and I have delayed getting them to her so I could create this scrapbook for her. 

I covered old CD's with different green DP's and used Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pine Needles to sponge around the edges. 

This was the coolest event!!! They had green tomatoes EVERYWHERE!!! Signs painted to look like a green tomato, table clothes made with a green tomato print, flags and even a green tomato MASCOT!!

Don and Steven signed up to play in the horseshoe tournament... something my father-in-law enjoyed doing.  He was certainly missed at this year's event. :-(   Steven had never played before but once he got the hang of it, he really enjoyed it!

Ha!! I couldn't believe it when the guys put on their green tomato aprons and started frying them!!  I tell ya .... nothing was left un-green tomatoed!! LOL

The kids had a FABULOUS time riding the dune buggy they had for everyone to enjoy.  They had a course laid out with the "caution" tape and it seemed the kids all did a great job taking turns.  They actually had a green tomato Christmas tree ornament they drew for as well.  Emily especially had fun on the zip slide they had.  They live on a huge farm and had one of the biggest tree houses I'd ever seen... supported with not just wood but steel beams!  And finished off with a huge green tomato face for the kids to put their face in for photos! Ha!  And last... they had Annual Green Tomato Fry t-shirts for everyone to wear.  And lastly.... fireworks at the end of the day!  Fun Fun!  We can't wait to go back next year!!!  Oh and the tomatoes.... were mighty tasty... though I did only have two slices... dieting, ya know (and quite proud I did FABULOUS that day with my diet... even with all the wonderful homemade food there!).  

Have a nice day and why not try a CD scrapbook!!  *smile*



Betty Benton said...

Wow -- What a great gift for your MIL! They really go all out for fried green tomatoes!! I may have to give a CD Scrapbook a try when I am able to unpack all my crafting supplies again!

Donna said...

Adorable! I don;t do much scrapbooking but this is too cute! Love that green tomato!


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