Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Surgery Day...

I hate having surgery.  HATE HATE HATE it!!!  Mostly, I hate going under general anesthesia.  I can't stand the thought of not having control of my body..  Not only that... but when you're out.... you're out!  You have no memory of getting sleepy and falling asleep... no memory of just when you closed your eyes.  Nothing!  AND... I suspect if I died during surgery, I wouldn't know!!!  I know... I suppose it sounds strange, but.. it really upsets me. 

So... silly as I am... I make sure I tell my family that I love them and give them all hugs and kisses before I head in to surgery.  Not my WHOLE family because I could never get around to them all... LOL  But definitely my kids and darling husband. 

My card today was made for my husband.  I wanted something simple that said all I wanted to very simply.  My sentiment and my focal point was from Gina K's, "Love Notes" set.  A favorite saying of my hubby's. 

Thought it's kinda hard to see in the picture, I embossed the Pure Luxury Heavy Weight Kraft paper with my Cuttlebug Leafy Branches folder.  I then lightly rubbed some Tim Holtz Distress Ink Antique Linen over it to bring out the embossing some. 

A simple punched out bird and branch and a small addition of ribbon and this card was simply all I needed to say what I wanted him to know.  *smile*

Oh yes... surgery went well and I'm still here and thankful for all of you who sent prayers my way.  I am healing slowly and it hurts to walk and get up and down, but overall I couldn't be happier with the way it all went.  I'm going to try to work tomorrow though the doc said to take two days off.  I know my dad is dying not having me there!! 

Worse part is the doctor also informed me that I can't do ANYTHING in the gym for the next SIX weeks!!!! WHAT???? Oh mannnn... that really took the wind out of my sail!!  I am so not liking that.  Having just lost 22 pounds, I want to keep going.  Sooo... I guess all I can do is watch the diet.  No lifting of any kind, no walking, no biking... ugh.  I hope six weeks goes faster than I ever wanted.  Though my grandma would not like me saying that.  She always told me "never wish your life away".  But I soooo want to be at the gym!!!  Oh well... I guess it could be worse, right?

Again.. thanks for your prayers and support and thanks for stopping by!  *smile*



Donna said...

Tina, so glad to hear that everything went well. My last surgery was on my birthday. How embarrassing when the nurses called me and sang Happy Birthday as I am being lead like a lamb to the slaughter. LOL! Hope your recovery goes quickly so you can get back to the gym. What a beautiful card for your DH. Love that sentiment too. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care! Bug hugs!

Melanie said...

ok, skimming over your blog I'm still not seeing any mention of surgery until today, bt I'm so glad it went well! i hate general anesthesia too it makes me very sick when I come out of it...
you can still lose weight, just really watch what you eat and admire how great you look from all the work you've doen! enjoy the break and be ready to hit the gym again in 6 weeks!

Jennie said...

Pray you recover quickly Tina! Surgery is tough, I think the anesthesia is the worst... Just watch what you eat and you should maintain until you can exercise again, drink lots of water too!

Your card is so pretty. Love the embossing you did.


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