Saturday, October 9, 2010

Emily's Bag Book

Have you ever made a bag book?? A scrapbook made from lunch bags?  I made this one for my darling daughter a few years ago.  When she was "Student of the Week" in Kindergarten, she took her book to share with her classmates. OMGosh was she ever proud and excited that her teacher sat and read through the book to everyone in the class!!  I LOVE these little books... so much so that I even made a larger one out of the regular brown bags you get from the grocery store for my dad that same year for Christmas.  Again... he was thrilled!!! (Of course it was manly, earthy and showed all his hunt and fishing "trophies".)

Below are just a few of my favorite pages from the book.  This page is the Halloween the kids went to Steven's Boy Scout Costume Party and Emily won first place for Costume!  Was she adorable or what??! LOL  Yes... I was dressed as Dorothy and dad went as the Scarecrow! *smile*

On this page I tried a two-page layout.  A bit of a space between bit still... love how it came out.  I wish you could see Steven's face better.... he has "monkey lips" in it as I was reading them a book.  Hee Hee

If you noticed,  you can see tabs on each page.  Every other page has a pocket made from folding the bags in half.  I put a card inside of each and added the tab and named them "Secret #1", etc.  Each tells a little story about the pic or Emily in some way.  

On this one, I stamped the little dog right on the picture in Stazon and colored it in.  I was surprised and happy with the way it came out. 

For this page I used the bottom flap of the bag to create a multi-fold out story. 

The hat was actually a chef's hat and I colored it to look like Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat.

One of our favorite trips when Emily was small... visiting the Omaha Children's Museum.  Obviously, they had a Dr. Seuss display while they were they and the kids LOVED it!  You should see the pic of Steven... someday... when I share his book.  *smile*

You really should try a bag book... they're fun and I find if you use the regular brown lunch bag they seem to be more "boyish/manly".  Even today, three years later, Emily STILL gets a huge smile on her face as she looks through this book. 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.  *smile*



Betty Neville said...

Super fun book - really nicely done! I'm sure your daughter will always treasure this!

Betty Benton said...

With all the fun, happy colors and the wonderful memories -- what's not to love!


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