Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yummy Family!! Hee Hee

Now would you REALLY eat this adorable family??? Really???? Awwww I sure wouldn't.  Ok... maybe if I was desperate. LOL  InStyle Stamps released this "sweet" family last month called "Candy Corn Fam Bam"

I can see so many cute things to do with these little guys so be prepared... you may see them again before Halloween actually arrives.  NOT that I may not use them after either! LOL

I colored my images with my Copic markers and though it's hard to tell, I used my Sakura glitter pens on the lettering.  I didn't do it this time, but if you want, you can easily make them look even yummier with some crystal effects on them.  :-)

I found this bright colorful Halloween paper in my stash from last year and just couldn't resist layering some up with my layered candy corn.

You know... I did notice this year they are selling candy corn at Easter time as well.  It's not the traditional colors as I used, of course, but the pastels just don't seem to get it for me.  I mean... I CAN be tempted to eat this HEAVILY sugar-based treat but... not so sure I'd go for it in pastel colors. LOL  Remember when they came out with GREEN Ketsup??? Just didn't taste the same! LOL

Have a great day!  *smile*



Anonymous said...

Hi Tina! I had to comment - I love candy corn! Last Christmas didn't that have green and red candy corn? This is just a fun card! Ah yes, I had forgotten all about the green ketsup!

Did you have any problems with flooding? We had a little water in our basement but nothing too much was ruined that I am aware of. Some boxes got wet but Mike got rid of them so I have no idea what was in them to start with!

Love your new blog.

Chris R. from Iowa

Jan Hunnicutt said...

This is so cute Tina, might have to run to the store for candy corn!


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