Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Stamper's World

Gina K and StampTV has done it again!!! Lynn Mercurio, editor-in-chief, has outdone herself with this, the FIRST, issue of Stamping Lifestyle magazine!!! This issues shares many aspects of things us stampers contend with, think about and hope for in our normal daily lives. I mean, come on... WHAT is more important to us crafters then getting thru our every day lives and finding the time to look good, feed our families, and relax in a way that allows us more time to craft???? WOOHOO... it's craft time!!! Great recipes, tips on how to get your "mojo" back and more are shared in this great first issue. You are given the opportunity to read your FREE copy on your computer or, with warmer weather in the forecast, print it off, grab a class of lemonade and stretch out in the sun to read and relax. Get your copy today... it's FREE!!! Click here to see how much Stamping Lifestyle rocks! Signature

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