Friday, May 1, 2009

"Split" Me Up!

I LOVE doing split negative cards and I REALLY like black and white. You can't tell that from my blog, can you??? Naahhhhhh... *wink* Well this card I made for my dad and it's one of my favorites. HE truly loves black and white as well and every year he gets my mom a new black and white outfit for Christmas. This last year he HAD to get her the newest black diamond and white diamond set that seems to keep growing so popular and "I" got to pick them out!! Never happens... he tends to go with my sister's choice of things but I overruled this year... hee hee. (It's a tradition we started way back BEFORE my sister was born.. dad and I would go out shopping for his gift for mom when I was young. Of course when my sister came along she got added to the shopping. So we go... have a great time shopping together and I make HER do the wrapping! LOL) Anyway.. this is the card I made for dad and as you might guess... he LOVED it! The technique is pretty easy really ... the hardest part is making sure your paper matches end to end and you tape the back of it in place with removable tape so that AFTER you stamp it... you can pull it apart and emboss one side with white embossing powder and the other side with black embossing powder. Of course, you can use other colors as well. I just love the final look of this. Have a great weekend and stamp... as often and as much as you can!!! Signature


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina - I love your card. I, too, love the black and white combo. I have a piece of needlework I have wanted to do for eons that is just black and white with lots of texture stitches. In the center I would love to put one of my mom's costume jewelry pieces - looks like a rhinestone paisley piece or one of her other black and diamond looking pieces. Someday, I keep telling myself! I guess I have never really tried the white embossing on black either. I guess I am pretty limited in what I do stamping-wise. Thanks for sharing your card - I really enjoyed it.

Chris R. from Iowa

Lynn Mercurio said...

This is a great example of this technique. Love your background in the black & really makes your image pop!


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