Monday, May 11, 2009

Hopes for Mom

I always try to make Mother's Day special for my mom in the best way I know how. And normally, that seems to be thru my writing. I'm not much of a poet, but I try from time to time and I was thinking about all those things you see and go thru with your children as a mother. Things I cherished and hoped my mom did as well. It's been so long since HER children were little ones that I thought it was a good time to remember all the "coos and smiles". So I wrote this about four different times, but hey... I DID get it done in time for Mother's Day. Though I think it could use some "tweaking", I went with it. I used stamps from Gina K Designs, specifically Asela Hopkins' new set, Friendship's Garden. I love the flowers she draws... they are just so gorgeous in just about any color. One of the best compliments I can get came from mom when she unwrapped it and said.. "Ohhh did you BUY this or make it???" Of course, she cried after reading it and I just couldn't help but think... as moms... I'm never sure we get thanked as often as we should. I think more than anything... it makes us feel good to know that even if no one else in the world cared, our kids knew what we did for them. And... I try very hard to let her know I did and still do. So, here's to mom, and I hope she had as wonderful a day as I did. Signature


Donna Baker said...

what a beauty, Tina! It looks like something you would buy- great job! did you write the poem? I'd love to read it, I bet you are a wonderful daughter AND mom!

Jessica said...

Tina!! This is stunning - what a work of love and art for your mom!!


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