Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Sprinkle Here.. A Sprinkle There...

After watching Gina K's video technique on adding colored glitter to your card, I decided to give it another go. Gina used her Quickie Glue Pen and after I purchased mine I felt like it dried TO QUICK to do much with... let alone add glitter!! Well... she proved me wrong! It worked like a charm! Maybe I was trying to cover to much space... or maybe I was making dinner and came back to my craft table and "what the heck.. it's dry!"... hee hee. Nawww... I'm not sure what happened, but.. the Quickie Glue Pen was just awesome! I added some in the areas I wanted glitter... and sprinkled it on and WAH LAH!! Shinneyyyy!!! I decided to go with bright colors since my daughter is about as bad as me at wanting things bright and since it was Alicia K's. "Best Friends" set, I knew she'd just love the card and probably want it for her private stash. (I think that ends up being somewhere between her pile of junk next to the piano in her room and the pile of junk UNDER her bed! Anyway... she will love it. Try the Quickie Glue Pen when you want to add a little something something in a small space... it's great to get into those tiny areas. Have a bright day!!! Signature

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