Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Today we got RAIN!!! The first time we’ve had rain in forever, or so it seems!  I just realized this morning when I was taking my son to school that he and I were alike in that we both LOVE it when it rains!  Not many people seem to, or so I hear, but I think it makes everything seem clean and fresh! 


Today was also a bit sad for me.  Twenty-two years ago I received a call from my father telling me.. “I want to start my own business.  How do I get started?”.  *sigh*  I have an extensive background in 1) accounting, 2) law, 3) insurance and at the time was working for the Director of Human Resources at Blue Cross and Blue shield.  So… needless to say, he came to me to figure out how to begin.  He started very small… two employees (himself included) and me.. part-time.. taking care of the books, billings, and office.  He grew… quick… and until he had a heart attack a couple years back, he worked hard and never slowed.  It didn’t take six months before I truly needed to be there full-time.  Like any job, it had it’s ups and downs.  And honestly… I NEVER thought I’d be there working alongside my dad for TWENTY-TWO years!!!  No, it wasn’t my dream, but it was his… and because of that, it was important to me. 


My dad is one of the toughest persons I’ve ever worked for.  But I should have known he would be.  I remember when I was a teen he gave me two pieces of advice that I never forgot and that shaped my work ethics my whole life.  His first piece of advice.. “If you’re boss wants 100%… you give him 110%.” and… secondly… “Do you best.  You can ALWAYS be replaced.” .  He never fired me and I strived to give him 110% every day.  And though my dad never said I did a good job, I will “assume” he was happy with how I handled his office. 


I will miss him and his work ethics and hope that the new owner has those same ethics because I am VERY proud of the company my dad built and I want nothing more than for him to continue to be proud of it as well.  Smile  I will miss him being there.


My card today seemed appropriate.  I’m not sick but I love these Magnolia images and well.. I did feel a bit down with all that is going on in the business.


My card base is Pure Luxury Innocent Pink .  I added a layer of Sweet Mango which coordinated with my DP from My Minds Eye.  I colored my image with my Copics, of course… practicing never ends.  Smile  A few crystal flourishes and a bit of ribbon and flower and my card brought a smile to my face. 


I hope you are having a great day and I’m going to try to keep it together when my dad meets up with me today to make my final transaction as his “financial officer” of HIS business. Wish me luck!  Sad smile




Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Sweet card with beautiful coloring!

Hi...I'm Cindy said...

beautiful, your colouring is awesome, I don't mind the rain unless it is cold and I'm stuck in it, lol

Sandi's Samples said...

Very nice! I'm now following your blog.


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