Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Fourth everyone!!!

Today has such bittersweet memories for me. I lost my dear dear friend, Bette, two years ago to cancer and though we go on with our lives, we still find time to remember our loved ones and those who have not only lost their lives fighting for our freedom, but also those who fought their own personal battles.

To our military men and women... thank you for keeping this a free country where our dreams can come true.

And on that note.... I have been away for a couple days, did you miss me???

I have been organizing my NEW STUDIO!!!! I am so excited!! I decided to take a few pictures for you to see the progress and "construction", as it were, going on. My dear friend, Kathy, came by today and spent all morning helping me to decide on this and that. So... without further ado, here's where I am.... so far. :-)

We took this photos this morning... and already things have changed!!! LOL

Remember... we are ORGANIZING... it's not done by a long shot!

Notice the TWO Starbuck cups... BOTH mine! LOL  We started early!!!

My friend was going crazy with these dots.  They are Dry Erase self adhesive dots that can be put and removed.  She had them here... then there... then here... LOL  I think they moved again! LOL

I LOVE these cute hangers I found at Hobby Lobby!!

More to come when we are further organized.  There was so much to go thru and refile and rearrange and CLEAN!!  I can't believe the amount of dust I had on things from being in that make-shift office.  Ugh!!

There are even TWO more walls to do something with!!  AND more tables to buy and bring in!  Actually.... now that I think about it... THREE more walls to do!

I wish you could ALL come visit!!!

Hope you have a great day!!! *smile*



Carolyn King said...

Looking good girl! Happy fourth to you too!!! Wish I could come visit!

tlgirl353 said...

Wow- you have made a lot of progress so far! WTG, GF!

Cheri said...

Absolutely looking good! I envy you! My dining room table is still my "studio". *scowl*


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