Sunday, May 13, 2012

Write Your OWN Life...


I hope everyone mother out there is enjoying the day just as THEY want to.  I often think about how I spend MY Mother's Day each year.  And one reason is... every year for a very long time, we ( my daughter, my sister and her daughters) go have breakfast every year with my mom.  I believe it started long ago when Grandma found out she had lung cancer (NEVER a smoker!), and she decided she wanted to spend mother's day with HER daughters and their daughters and so on.  So... each year we would all decided on a place to go out to breakfast.  Well... needless to say... we have a HUGE family and the amount of women in that family grow more and more every year!!  It was difficult to find a restaurant that would handle us all.  AND... it also provided much unwelcomed stress over where and when we would meet and WHO would be coming.  Yes... people like my cousin tended to invite her son's "girlfriends" and sometimes even THEIR mothers.  It just got crazy.  Until it got to be something I hated!

I am the oldest "daughter, granddaughter" in our family.  My cousin who is four months younger than myself tends to be the one who everyone "bends" to.  NOT that I'd want that.. but oh my... is she ever draining!  LOL  Seriously... at 51 she is still a whiner and INSIST on getting her way or doing things the way she thinks they SHOULD be done.  So... after grandma passed away several years ago... MY mom decided we didn't need to get together with "girlfriends" and mom's who were NOT related to us.  We split off and started doing our own breakfast together.  Ahhhh... sooo much more relaxing and easy.  This year, my niece/godchild/namesake, Christina, is in town from New York and SHE has asked to be allowed to "make" breakfast for us women at my mom's.  Nice!  My daughter and I will meet up with them in the morning and enjoy a relaxing breakfast.  Then, like always, we will go to the cemetary and leave Grandma a fresh flower wreath.  :-)  Afterwards, I will be home... relaxing and doing what I love...probably creating, reading or maybe even taking a nap.  Then, my kids and hubby have dinner planned.  Always a treat and always yummy!

As I looked at the card I created for today, it reminded me of one of my favorite sayings.. "Home is where your story begins!"  I love that!  And, as a mom... I hope that I have somehow helped my children to write a happy, loving and responsible story of their life.  I say "responsible" in that... the one thing I want more than anything else in this world is to know that I did everything I could to help my children grow into mature, respectable and responsible adults.  I try every day to make them realize that how they make decisions in life should be a way that will lead them into a well rounded and responsible adult.  Sure they have fun... sure they are happy kids... but life isn't always about having fun and I think with gentle nudging and positive talks, my kids realize I just want the very best in life for them.  Oh yes, you will work at it and it won't always be easy OR fun... but... in the end, you will have earned everything you've put your heart and soul into.  I hope when they write their story they will remember that "Mom" did what she could to teach them life can always be happy even though there was hard work involved and sometimes a good push or prod from her ends up being appreciated.  I, like many other mothers out there, I'm sure, think I have some of the most wonderful kids in the world.  Sure they have their faults... don't we all?  But in the end, they are great kids, doing great things, and making me proud to be their mom.  (Oh yes... and for me... Mother's Day pleasures will be continued tomorrow as Steven will be lettering in band at the banquet tomorrow night!!!  Yes... a very proud mom!)

My card today was created using one of those lovely Saturated Canary images, "Copica".  LOVE this!!  When I first started working with her I thought of nothing more than Suzanne Dean.  The lady I like to call, "The Copic Queen".  ;-)  Just like a mom, she has taught me soooo very very much about Copic coloring.  I LOVE the patience and caring she puts into her classes and, very much like a mom, she encourages, pushes and leads her students to be all they can.  I have a ton to learn, but I have to say nothing has touched my creativity as much as having attended Suzanne's classes.  If you've attended Suzanne's class, you know, after hearing her story, Suzanne let's NO ONE else hold her pen and she lives her life to the fullest.  I love that about her!

My card base is Pure Luxury Sweet Corn layered with Turquoise Sea and some of the DP from Echo Park. I stamped my image on white and colored her with my Copic, of course!!  A little "pen" flourish and a blinged up flower and my card is done.

I certainly hope your Mother's Day is full of sweet memories and no matter what age your kids may be, they too thank you for being the best mom you could and for giving the love that no one but a mom can give to them.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a FABULOUS day!!! *HUGS*


Copics I Used:


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story, Tina! A VERY Happy Mother's Day to you, too! I was so touched by reading what you wrote...all so very true and so glad you're having fun along the way. You are one totally blessed lady and I admire you so much.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Cool Sentiment and great image. I love you made it look like she drew the flourishes.

Vicki Dutcher said...

What a great card -- your coloring is rocking!

Thought I'd pop over and say Happy Mom's Day to you!

Dana said...

Amazingly colored card. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!

Cindy Lawrence said...

Absolutely beautiful, my friend...both the card AND the story!

miatagal said...


My you have been busy. All of your creations are fabulous! Love the colour selection on this one.


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