Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shhhhh Don't Tell...

I have such a hard time trying to do "masculine" cards. I don't know why...I have many WONDERFUL men in my life and they get their share of "gushiness" from me, but to make them a card - *sigh* - well, I struggle with it. I don't know... I guess I'm just your pink, purple, ribbon and lace kinda gal *shrugs*! Not a bad thing I'm thinking!! Unless, of course, you put those elements on a GUY card! Eeeek! So my macho, retired sailor will, hopefully, appreciate this GUY-kinda card I decided to HIDE for him until Valentines Day. So.... shhhh... I hope he doesn't log on here and find it!!! Boooooo!

I decided to turn the *heart*U sideways 'cause he gets a kick out of "unordinary" things I do. I did risk the red heart... ya think he'll mind??? Hee Hee

The deer (reindeer actually) was in a Christmas stamp set that StampinUp introduced this winter but I just love him. He looks kinda... elegant, I think. Ooops... I didn't say that in the same post as "manly" did I? Ya... well... as hubby would say, 'some things just don't get said together... like... man and pink!' HA HA Oh and for the record, I didn't use any ribbon on this. Instead I used my copper cording (cording.. ya.. sounds like a man word!) to hold the hodgepodge hardware in place.

Regardless, I love the deer! I won't tell him if you don't! Shhhhhh

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