Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Angel Protection

It took me awhile to remember to download my camera so I could show off these precious bulbs but I finally got it done! I made these glass bulb ornaments as gifts to a very dear friend's family who I use to work with in Texas. Bette and I had been friends for over 20 years and Bette lost her battle with breast cancer last July. I miss her dearly. The bulbs are just clear glass ornaments purchased at Hobby Lobby and I sprinkled diamond dust inside and inserted a white feather. I adhered glittered felt to the bottom (which is actually the lid, I believe) of the acrylic box and then applied a dab of Crystal Effects to the middle and sat the bulb in it. I propped it up overnight and left it to dry. The next day I was able to put the top on and seal it closed, also with Crystal Effects. The tag was made from glittered card stock and layered with white. On the back is Bette's favorite thing to collect... toads.. though this one is a prince toad (the same as the little figurine she gave me when I moved from Texas over 20 years ago).

I got this idea from an Oriental Trading catalog but they used plastic snap together bulbs. The poem was from their kit.

Bette was one of my biggest fans in respect to my handmade cards and gifts so I have dedicated this blog site to her. She will forever be in my heart and my memories. Thanks for looking.

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Cheryl said...

What a sweet idea Tina. I would love to know what the poem says.


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