Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 Presidential Inauguration

Today was such a historical day I wanted to make sure my kids remembered it (they are 7 and 11 years old). I decided I would write them a note to tell them the significance of today incase their PSP's were distracting them (surely not!) from what I was WANTING them to watch on the television. Nooo, it's not the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus.. sorry.. it's the 44th Presidential Inauguration, kids!! So as I thought about this I decided, what a GREAT way to use Melanie Muenchinger's, Hand-in-Hand set!!! As I mentioned earlier, I'm still waiting on my paper from Gina K. Designs and I don't have much practice yet with my new Copic markers but... I still... pushing on... had to try. Oh and... my blender pen hasn't arrived yet either! *smile*

Now I have to tell you... I decided to do one for my husband as well. My husband and I have this ongoing "laugh" EVERY time I make a card. I bring it up from the craft room... (ESPECIALLY if it's one I'm particularly proud of how it turned out!) and show it to him. Then... EVERY time... he opens the card and goes... "OH LOOK! There's nothing inside!" HA! So... here is my little surprise to him... (before I write his note, obviously... hee hee).

Ok... that's all folks... nighty night!

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Melanie said...

oh very cool! Tina! Great idea, thanks for sharing!! :)


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