Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Scrapbook/Journaling Classes Coming!!!!

Do you like to scrapbook?? Do you like to journal??? Or..... are you one of those people who get stressed just thinking of ALL those photos and big ol scrapbooks you'll NEVER get time to get organized let alone put together in a book???  Well... NOW you CAN!!!!

Beginning November 1st, I will be teaching fun, quick, easy and FAST result scrapbooking/journaling classes over at Color Me Creative Classroom!!  

You won't believe how fast these adorable books come together.  How EASY... how FUN they can be!!  No more worrying about that huge box of photos you just know you'll never have all the time you need to organize.  

Join me for a fun class that I promise won't stress you any more than having to decide what one you want to try first!!  

I've done so many of these mini books and I swear they are the only things that get DONE completely in my scrapbooking world!! Sure I have the 8X10 and 12X12 books but... are they done???? Nope!  Do I think I'll EVER get them finished??? Nope!! 

THESE books??? YES!!! Done, done, done!!!  And not only are they finished... but I have fabulous little "table" books to put out and an easy way to share with friends and family.  

These are perfect for those times when you are asked to bring a few pics of your kids so an "old friend"  or family member can see how they've grown.  A quick toss in the tote and I'm set!!!  You will be too!!!

Keep your eyes open.. November 1st!!!! Woot!!!


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