Saturday, October 27, 2012


I do!!!  And I have... for a long, long time!!!  So when I decided to quit my job... after MUCH convincing from my dear husband... I decided I needed to keep believing!  Believing, we'd be ok... financially... that things would work out as "I" wanted them to..  and that the dreams I still have will still happen.

And, if you know me... you'd know THIS is MY word!!  I recently had a birthday in August and one of my gifts was a beautiful hand-painted vase with the word, "Believe" written in a heart on it.  Yep... everyone knows I BELIEVE.  

But... I have to remember to "believe" in myself!  That is the hardest thing for me to do.  So, it seemed only fitting that I chose this to tattoo on my wrist.  A daily, constant reminder.  I found the image online and decided not ONLY was it the word, but the heart.  You see, I've never had a ton of faith in ME.  Others have... including my husband... but me... it's something I've struggled with for a long time.  I suspect I will struggle for many years.  

I'm just not all I WANT to be to myself.  I never have been.  And, well, after 52 years of growing, you'd think I could believe... just a bit.  I've done many many things.  I've been offered many things.  I've been complimented, loved, and praised more than I can remember; but still, I struggle with "believing" in ME.  I know it sounds terrible and a bit sad; but honestly, I do try.  And now, I can't avoid reminding myself just by having this with me... always.

I am a HUGE supporter of finding a cure for breast cancer.  My dearest friend died from it and I do as much as I can to always support it.  So, to not only honor her, but to support the search for a cure, the "B" was perfect!!  

And, that's not all.  Because my husband was/is the one who has probably taught me the most about having faith, having a dream and always believing in myself, I had yet another tattoo done at the same time.

Hidden under my wedding ring, is my husband's name.  Now, there is a story not in just that HE is the love of my life, but... the reason the tattoo is the way it is.  When the tattoo artist drew it on my finger, he grabbed a towel and some "cleaner".  He started to wipe it away.  I looked at him and asked why he was doing that.  He said... "The 'D' isn't quite even and proportioned correctly.  I looked at it face on and said... "No, it's fine."  He insisted.. "No, look at's not the same size, it need to be a bit bigger and down more."  I answered him with, "I know. It's not perfect.  I see that.  But... honestly, no man is."  He laughed and I added... "Seriously... no ONE is perfect... no man, no woman, and... no marriage.  I want it to be the way it is.  Besides, it will be under my wedding ring and no one will be seeing it unless I show them. So, leave it that way, please."  He did. And, I love it.  I love it so much.  So, even though it's not MY design (for I just asked for his name and a tiny heart ABOVE it.. he decided to use the heart as the "o"), it's MY story thus, MY tattoo.  

So, there you have it... my first but not last... (I hear it's bad luck to have an even number tattoos and I DO want ONE other that won't be visible on a normal basis with my kids names) tattoo.  

Oh for those who want to know... heck ya it hurt.  But hey... not NEARLY as bad or as LONG as child birth.  Hee 

Thanks for letting me share my story with you.  Have a fab day!!!

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Jamie_G said...

LOVE the ink!! I love the heart as the "B." What a beautiful choice!

I have 4 tattoos and planning on another one shortly (with my children's names and maybe footprints). I can relate to the one on the wrist. I have an angel baby there (a way to memorialize what I lost). My wrist tattoo was one of the most painful, that's a tender spot!!

Patti J said...

Tina, your stories are so touching! Thanks for sharing with us! Your Believe is gorgeous, and I know your friend is smiling down on you, and your DH smiles at you all the time! What a good man he sounds like :) I think we all have trouble believing in ourselves. My DH puts me on the majorly high pedestal, and I can never quite 'get it'. Thanks again for sharing!

Penny said...

So you are an inked woman now. Who woulda thunk it?
And it's about time you started believing in yourself--everybody else believes in you, so you'd best just jump on the bandwagon! :^)
Hugs, Penny


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