Thursday, April 5, 2012

Emily's First Copic Image...

I am always so excited to consider even for a moment that I inspire my kids in any way.  I mean, I KNOW that kids look up to their parents and that sometimes they try to emulate them.  But... I never get use to the fact that MY kids do this with me. LOL  Ya I know... crazy, I suppose.  But I think it comes from not having enough confidence in what I DO to think my kids would even consider trying it LOL  Anyway.... Emily, apparently, has been "watching" and honestly, I think actually LEARNING!!!

She asked if she could use my Copics to color an image and make a card while I was doing the same.

FIRST, let me say this to you who own Copics and think.. OMGOSH why would anyone let their children use their Copics??? Well... if you KNOW Copics, you know the tips cannot be damaged by schmooshing (is that a word? LOL) or even bending them over completely.  So... I feel rather confident in letting my ten year old try her hand with them.  :-)

Emily chose a Gilli image.. Balloon Gilli.  I LOVE how she tried to copy the balloons showing through each other and she OBVIOUSLY saw me use darker colors around the edges of my images because she certainly tried to do that with the dress.  :-)

And a close up... because I didn't see it until I posted... she even gave her cute  blushed cheeks.  Good job!!!

I DID create the bow for her when she asked how I tied them.  But overall, I'm pretty impressed with the job she did and I "think" I MAY be leading her in the right direction on how to color with Copics.  :-)

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!  *HUGS*



anaRy said...

Emily! Your card is a darling darling project : ). I loved the color of the dress and I see you even made a see through balloon!
ps: You have the coolest mom!

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

supercard emily:-)

Linda Palmer said...

Emily, You made a beautiful card and I think your colored her so beautiful. I love your card.

Cheri said...

Wow!'re coloring is awesome! WTG....give a hug to your mom for me, would ya?

Leta said...

Emily is a natural and a great mom to look up to and learn from...awesome job Emily keep up the wonderful work


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