Friday, February 6, 2009

Soft Sympathy

Last night I wanted to make a sympathy card for an online "friend" who's father just passed away. Actually, it's for her mother as she is most concerned about her, obviously. I didn't want to make the card using the "typical" images you see in sympathy cards so I remembered something she shared with us about how the funeral director explained her father's passing to her mother. Simply stating he was now a beautiful butterfly. Though my card doesn't concentrate on the actual butterfly, I wanted a soft reminder of him so I used the smallest butterfly I could find. Also, I decided I didn't want doom and gloom colors so I went with a very pretty, very soft pink with a kraft card background. I know she will be getting literally hundreds of cards from all the online paper crafters and this is but one that I hope will do nothing more than be another "hug" from the crowd. I must say, in real life this pink is so very pretty. I think the scanner doesn't do well with these dimensional pearls and (of course) my battery on my camera was dead. You get the idea though and basically I just hope it helps to inspire you to think outside of the "traditional" colors and designs for sympathy cards.

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