Monday, February 23, 2009

Ready for Spring??

Boy, this winter seems to drag on and on and on and on! I was in Iowa City over the weekend (father-in-law is in hospital there) and yet ANOTHER blizzard, snow storm... whatever you want to call it passed thru! I'm soooooooo sick of snow! I think the wind was the worse of it all, of course... making things feel even colder. But... being stuck in a hotel and hospital is depressing enough when you haven't "made" plans to be there and then ADD SNOW!!! UGH!! So this morning... back comfortable and warm in my quiet office, I decided to bring on some Spring!!! I love how this card turned out. A "Z" fold, if you will. When opened, the part with the flower stamped on it hides the sentiment. I've seen this fold used in so many different stamps and honestly, the one I saw had the "flower part" more horizontal than vertical. But... like I said, it can be done with so many different stamps, etc. Have fun playing with the layout and enjoy!

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