Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CMC & Alicia's Crafty Corner...

Today I'd like to share with you a card I colored and designed that really hit home with me because it reminded me sooo much of my dear friend, whom I recently met through Filofaxing, Ellenie.  This image came from Alicia's Crafty Corner and is entitled, "Thinking of You".  And truly, I was... thinking of Ellenie.

Ellenie was one of the very first persons I made a connection with when I first discovered Filofax. Needless to say, I discovered Filofax on Instagram.  Yes, probably not a HUGE amount of Filofax users can say this, but... I'm a crafter at heart and I get inspiration from MANY places.  And I'm not sure how I actually found the Filofax people on IG, but I did, and that... my friends... is the COOLEST!

But I must say.. it's not that I found the Filofax... though I TRULY LOVE mine AND that I found them, it's really that I found a new lovely group of friends.  A girl just NEVER EVER has to many friends.  For me.. that means people who have the same interests I do and who don't mind being "out there" and having fun.  Hee

I've always been a giver and I hate admitting that I rarely receive much from anyone.  NOT that I EVER EXPECT it... but every now and then it's really kind of nice!  So you can imagine my shock when VERY shortly after I met Ellenie, she sent me a RAK (random act of kindness) package!!!  Whoa Nelly!!!! WHO is this gal??? Easy... Ellenie is a very sweet, generous and fun person and I am so very lucky to have met her.  NOT because she sent me "gifts" for my Filofax... but because I REALLY REALLY like her!  We have shared nights when we sent one e-mail after another and my whole screen was filled with e-mails from just her! LOL  Sometimes, it's one sentence... sometimes, it ends up being a short novel. LOL  But in all this crazy Filofax world/talk and the LOL e-mails, we have met, gotten to know each other a bit and I feel very lucky to call her my friend.

My card today was created to resemble sweet, gorgeous Ellenie!  I had so much fun creating it and the card is actually being shown on a slide show for the Color Me Creative Challenge site for which I am the Design Team Coordinator.  The site is all about using our Copic markers and learning, sharing and designing with them.  My BFF, Suzanne Dean, is the site owner and we met about three years ago when I took one of her classes on Copic coloring.  My whole perception of these expensive, though amazing, markers changed and I cannot thank her enough for helping me to grow and learn to use them better.

I am thrilled Ellenie loved the card and even more happy that I have met such an exceptional and kind-hearted woman as she.  And not only have I met Ellenie, but there are many others whom I have learned about and become close to as well.

Filofax is bringing back my love for writing, sending HAND-written letters, and keeping my creative side active as well and I think when the world of art and penmanship come together, only good can grow from it.

I now have pen pals from all around the world and I truly feel like a very blessed and fortunate woman for having found Filofax.  I am organized AND crafty now and trust me... that is sometimes a rare thing in any crafter/artists' world.  Ha Ha

Have a fabulous Tuesday and remember... smile, you might find a new friend staring your way. Thanks for stopping by! *HUGS*

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Trina said...

Great coloring and card! I have seen the Filofax videos all overmy YouTube feed for the last few months; I'm resisting the urge to check it out as my coloring and card making and drawing and painting habits are already too expensive!

Link Up for Pink said...

Gorgeous coloring!!


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