Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Someone's..... Birthday!!!!

Do you know this beautiful person????

Oh wait... ooops...wrong one.   Sorry.  Do you know THIS beautiful person????

Arrrrghhhh... that's NOT her!!!!  Wait wait... let's get this right!!!!  Do you know HER?????

THAT'S her!!!!!!! YES!!!  The BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!  Oh and honestly... yeah... those pics above... yep... those REALLY are her too!!! If you know Suzanne J. Dean... you KNOW this!!

Today is Suzanne's birthday and well, we ALL KNOW, Suzanne would NOT want to celebrate a birthday any other way than with her favorite country star AND a favorite sports star!!!  Right???!!!

Today, Suzanne's, Color Me Creative Design Team wanted to take a little of her time to show her how much we enjoy, appreciate and love her by hopping along to share a little birthday fun and creativity with her.  Join us in wishing her that the next year is filled with even more memories and love than anyone could ever hope for!

The design team went with a "Teal/Aqua" theme today.  Suzanne had mentioned her desire to "look like a mermaid"... LOL... so heck, we'll play along.  (Old age is old age, peeps... just smile and say... "that's nice, honey." LOL)

My card today uses a Sherri Baldy image... isn't she adorable?? I LOVE all things dealing with rain, umbrellas and spring and this image fit the ticket!!!  I have to admit... I'm being a little brat using this for Suzanne's card because I KNOW how much she thinks I'm nutters for loving rain.  Hee Hee  But... then too, I think an umbrella does just what it's suppose to.. protect you.  And so I'll get a bit "mushy" here, ok? ;-)

Since I'm Suzanne's DT Coordinator, I admit.  I feel a bit "protective" of her and as often as I can, I like to think I'm helping to keep her sanity in check from time to time.  Being miles apart isn't always easy when you want to do all you can to help someone and so I do what I can to, hopefully, lessen some of her work load.  I hope she knows I am always here for her even if just to have someone to complain to at 2:00 AM when you need to unload your mind and end the day.

I can think of very few who have done so much to help me improve in my crafting abilities and to attain the few goals I've had in my crafting career and Suzanne is one of them.  I cannot begin to tell you how much more I enjoy using my Copics and I TRULY can attest to how much I learned in her Copic classes.

But more than anything else... I believe I have found a fabulous friend for life.  Suzanne and I joke that sometimes we could be sisters.  Ya... we kinda have that same sick sense of humor.  LOL  But I will NOT claim to having any of  the "accident-prone" Suzanne in my blood!! Ha!! And I am sure the world is soooo happy that we aren't together near as much as we think we'd like to be at times! LMBO  Oh lord... we'd be kicked out of every town in the country, I'm sure!!  We've laughed together, complained together, whined and yelled together and I'm sure we've ran away from home a few times together too! ;-)  And... I can honestly say, even if it's only by way of texting, we have had some truly fabulous fun together!  That's what friends do, right?  Stay close even when they're miles apart.

So, my friend, I hope your day is fabulous and I hope that you have lots of wonderful memories to last a lifetime.  *BIG HUGS*

Now hop along with us to enjoy more of the Design Team's creations for Suzanne.

Thanks for sharing Suzanne's day with us!!  We KNOW you all love her as much as we do and we couldn't be happier to be working with such an awesome lady!! 


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful card, gorgeous colours, I'm sure Suzanne will love it
Hugs julie P

Lisa T said...

Very sweet card!

Darcy Schroeder said...

Wonderful card for your dear friend! Hugs

Desire Fourie said...

Absolutely stunning. So love the beautiful vibrant colours and the design papers.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Marie Gamber said...

What an adorable card. I know Suzanne will love it!

Suzanne J Dean said...

Oh I wuv it...perfectly colored and embellished...I NEED those clips...send me them please :) Thanks so much although I NEVER said I wanted to be a mermaid freak LOL...just my NAILS ;) Love ya!


Karen (TLgirl353) said...

This is a great card! Happy Birthday to Suzanne and to my son as well. I didn't know they shared this day!!! What a coincidence!!!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

this is just tooooo adorable (-:

Paper Tails said...

Your card is beautiful! Love your coloring.


Monica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. such a beautiful card.

sue morris said...

Awww....Tina! This is a perfect post for Suzanne too! LOL I love it!! what an adorable CARD!! Happy Scrapbooking Day!!


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