Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Found Filofax!!!!

Do you know me??? If you do... you KNOW I'm all about my colors!!! AND... PURPLE is the highest on the list!  Hee  And last week... I found FILOFAX!!!!  YES, that's it... YES it's PURPLE!!! Ok, well it's really called "Raspberry", but how much closer can you get?? :-P

So some of you may know about Filofax... it's a planner, organizer.  My question is... "WHY didn't you tell ME about them???!!!"  OMGosh when I stumbled across these yummy planners on Instagram I couldn't wait to grab my Macbook and BUY!!!

The good news..... I did so BEFORE Mother's Day!  Sooooo... when "what can I get you for Mother's Day, mom?" came along... woot!!! SCORE!! LOL  Let's just say hubby bought me a BIGGER purse... my son got me some fabby gel pens I wanted and my daughter grabbed up some to cute Swarovski pencils and paper for me!!!  Oh ya... I was one happy momma!!

So.. let ME share this delicious little treasure with YOU!  THIS is how it arrives... all boxed and pretty...

Now I got the Pocket Filofax which is a tad smaller than I anticipated and depending on where you purchase yours, sometimes they don't actually give you the size.  So I guess if you're new, I'd suggest you search a few sites.  My PAGES are approximately 4" X 3.5".  A bit small... but I have used planners before and I really thought this would be better since much larger use to be (in my opinion) way more weight than I wanted to carry.  And honestly... now... I DO believe next year I'll grab a Personal size.  Which is about the size of a 5" X 7".  Just head over to Instagram and search for #filofax... you'll be confused WITH me. LOL  But for now... I'm LOVING the creativity and fun in setting up my Filofax.

I noticed lots of people use Washi tape on their pages.  Easy enough.. I LOVE Washi tape and have more than enough!  First things first... I decided to find a way to carry some with me.  Then whenever I have a moment.. I can "play".  I used an old iTunes card to wrap my tape on.  This is perfect because my Filofax has slots for credit cards.  I would suggest trimming it down a bit first.  I didn't do that to my first card and though it fits... I do have to wiggle it a bit to get it in the slot because of the tape.  The others I did I trimmed a bit off first and they slide in and out easier.

Next... I made an old "find" in my desk.  A Buxton brand post it/flag holder in pink leather I had purchased many moons ago and forgot about.  It's small enough to just throw in my purse.

Now... the fun began!  I started planning my weeks.

Here is just a small sample of how much FUN I'm having with my new Filofax!  Of course, yours will be what YOU want and what you want to add in it.  It allows for financial information, addresses, notes, diary section, weekly calendar, etc.  I threw out a few sections I KNOW I won't use.

Here's a look at the inside were I have my Washi tape stored....

In the back, there is a clear pocket that you can add whatever you want to see easily.

And under that... there is a zippered compartment for change or stamps, whatever.

And if that's not enough... the whole "covering" around the back and front opens for an easy place to add tickets, money or receipts, etc.  I HAVE slid my iPhone 5 into the front part of that "wallet" area when I was just running a quick errand and it was perfect!!

Now I'm not saying it is the BEST organizer/planner out there... but I AM saying I fell in love with it and there are so many options, colors, sizes and FUN FUN inspiration on Instagram that I had no will power to keep from getting one for myself!  OMGosh... I almost forgot... one of the things that REALLY got to me... the leather pattern, if you look at my first pic of it.... actually resembled little hearts!! LOL Yep... it snagged me good!!!

I kid you not when I say there is a TON of bling, goodies and "stuff I DON'T need" for sale out there for these fab organizers.  So.. I'm going to start this little journey and see where it takes me.  Share my pages, my fun finds, and even show a few pics of others and how they use their Filofax.

Yes, I have an iPhone 5 with all the apps one could ever want to keep them organized.  And yes, I DO use it... now and then.  But I find that sometimes I forget to set the "alarm" reminder... or I enter  something and don't change the date.  And to be honest, I LIKE writing.  I LIKE putting a pen to paper.  Don't look at my writing on the pages above but, most of the time... I don't do to bad a job with my penmanship. Ha!

I hope I've peaked your interest just a bit and if you have a moment, stop by and see what other fun things I'm adding to my Filofax!!  NO.. I'm NOT an enabler.  ;-)  Have a great day!!!!

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Darcy Schroeder said...

Hi Tina, I'll have to check out the Filofax. Using a purple daytimer right now. You would love it cuz its purple. Kind of plain though. Love your ideas on Washi tape and I have a LOT of it. Thanks for the ideas!

FitXmom said...

Very cool!

DEM said...

Welcome to the addiction that is Filofax!!! Have you visited the Philofaxy community on the web? You'll be glad that you did!

Mayra said...

Love your washi storage idea! I think I'll try that in m filo as well :)


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